Moncton Advantage

Imagine living in a growing, vibrant city located in the heart of the Maritimes. Moncton has so much to offer, including superb restaurants, great shopping, and fun attractions all packaged together with a friendly urban charm.

Close to Everything

You are just a short drive from everything when you live in Moncton! The city is designed with a convenience you just can’t get anywhere else. Your commute to work is short, and you can run your errands with absolute ease.

Moncton is also situated in a perfect spot, surrounded by nature, within an hour’s drive from pristine beaches and the famous Hopewell Rocks along the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy.

Living Options

Moncton has been named the most Canadian city, one of the best cities to raise a family, and one of the cities most considerate to strangers. Not only is Moncton a lovely place, but it’s also very affordable.

The average purchase price of a home in Moncton is a fraction of the cost of a home in Toronto. So you are getting so much more home for less. For national pricing details, go to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s National Price Map.


Moncton is a hub for adventure and road trips. Not only are there so many fun adventures in the city, but you also have access to many grand excursions outside of the city. Moncton is termed the ‘Hub of the Maritimes’ because it is right in the middle of it all – 2.5 hr drive to Halifax, 2 hr drive to Charlottetown, and just 1.5 hrs to get to Canada’s oldest city, Saint John.

Moncton is in close proximity to the most beautiful beaches along the Northumberland strait and is a simple drive away from one of the 7 wonders of North America, the Bay of Fundy. Moncton is also located near great ski hills like Poley Mountain Ski Resort in Sussex, NB and Ski Martock in Wentworth, NS. You can also easily enjoy over 8,000 km of epic snowmobile trails that circle the province.

Gunnarolla on why Moncton is his favourite place

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